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Lisa Sharf is a Florida licensed Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). After receiving training in healing through the integration of mind, body and spirit Lisa Sharf is able to treat each patient effectively as an individual. Lisa has a great interest in wellness education and patient advocacy, assisting individuals and families navigate the Health Care System.


Lisa Sharf obtained her bachelor's degree in Health Science from Boston University and a bachelor's of science in Nursing at the University of Miami. She later gained her Masters Degree in Nursing with a specialty as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from Florida International University Graduate School of Nursing in 1998. Lisa is board certified by the ANCC as a Clinical Specialist in Psychiatry and Mental Health.

Lisa's Vision:


Healing can occur as a result of the integration of mind, body and spirit. Lisa Sharf's training is diverse, an aspect of her professional practice that allows her to treat each patient effectively as an individual. Today's reality of economic hardship, personal loss, and feelings of being overwhelmed are coupled with incredible stress and anger. We all need to be heard and we all need a way to cope!

Just psycho-pharmacological treatment does not give the patient the best possible outcome.


As a nurse practitioner, I believe that each patient needs to be regarded holistically from a psycho-biological-spiritual perspective. In this way, I am able to help my patients reach their optimum level of health and wellness. To achieve this I spend the necessary time with each patient, evaluating their medical history and their current symptoms. I listen to their psychosocial and spiritual needs. Together with the proper diagnosis, I work together with each individual to develop the best treatment plan. This includes proper medications that will alleviate their symptoms and address their current diagnosis. We work together as a team developing a plan that each individual can adhere to comfortably.

My certification in Psychiatry and Mental Health helps me to help my patients from a psychobiological point of view.


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In my therapy sessions,

I use meditation,


and energy psychology

to help my patients

feel a sense of peace

and wellbeing.




You are not alone

on this path.





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